Modern Distinctive Ladies, Inc will work on a national level to develop and implement workshops, seminars, camps and other activities. These are designed to build self-esteem and promote cultural, educational, health, physical fitness, social, professional development and volunteerism among youths of all socio-economic backgrounds that are exposed to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and peer pressure. MDL's primary focus is to work with all types of young ladies between the ages of 14 and 18.






BUILD SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE in teenage girls ages 14-18 by developing and implementing an assessment tool that will assist the organization in designing and carrying out programs and services that will meet the specific needs of each girl registered in our program; while at the same time providing us with a tool to measure our success.

IMPROVE METHODS OF COMMUNICATION by encouraging candid and open dialogue among teenage girls of diverse backgrounds while exposing them to various mediums of communication: internet discussion forums, daily journal writing, radio and television programs, newspaper articles, and newsletters that foster and cultivate relationships with mentors and others to facilitate a nurturing transition from adolescence to womanhood.

PROVIDE EDUCATIONAL & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT by making tutorial services available to enhance and/or improve the girls' willingness and ability to learn.

PROVIDE SOCIAL & CULTURAL AWARENESS by providing the girls with the opportunity to interact and socialize with girls from different cultures, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. In doing so, we hope to tear down stereotypes and negative behaviors in efforts to build bridges and resolve conflicts for better understanding and community relationships. We will discuss various issues that impact their lives and well-being and provide opportunities to expose them to music and the arts.

PROMOTE & ENCOURAGE HEALTHY LIFESTYLES by teaching the young ladies to focus on three aspects: Mind, Body, and Spirit; while providing them with various camps and activities that have workshops and seminars designed to get the girls active in sports, weight management, nutrition, and image development. The girls will also participate in mini workshops with health care professionals who will address various issues identified by the youth in the assessment tool.

PROMOTE VOLUNTEERISM through creating opportunities for the young ladies to participate and give back to the community by partnering and coordinating activities with other non-profit organizations such as shelters, hospital, nursing homes, and the like to stimulate community awareness.

PROVIDE MENTORING & ACCESIBILITY to High Powered Women and Celebrities by establishing a speaker's bureau and putting on annual events such as a "Powerful Women's Luncheon". Doing so will motivate the young ladies, create an environment that would encourage them to succeed, and the opportunity to have dialogue with women who have climbed the ladder of success.

DEVELOP & IMPLEMENT an Awards and Incentive Program that will teach the young ladies responsibility and accountability for their own actions, achievements, and accomplishments.